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Straya Mate!

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Having recently studied abroad in Australia, I’ve been exposed to some Australian dancers, choreographers and companies that I wouldn’t have normally known of. One huge highlight was the presence of a beautiful Australian dancer: James O’Hara. O’Hara is most well known for his work in Faun choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. This is the video, it will blow your mind. I can only post the link, as embedding has been disabled for the video.

While in Perth, Australia, I had the pleasure of watching him perform Faun live at the Heath Ledger Theatre. I also got to take 2 classes from him at the Western Australia Academy for Performing Arts (WAAPA). They were amazing.

James O'Hara in Faun

James O’Hara in Faun

O’Hara was also featured in the new Sigur Ros music video, Valtari. He is PHENOMENAL. Unfortunately, I can’t embed a Vimeo video, so here is the link. (O’Hara is so damn elusive.)

One thought on “Straya Mate!

  1. I’ve seen the music video Valtari and was blown away when I saw it. I had no idea the dancer was Australian! He has such a unique quality to his movement and I really enjoyed watching Faun. Couldn’t even imagine how amazing it must have been to see him perform live!

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