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Spring Concert: New York Live Arts

Spring Concert was a hit; everyone danced beautifully! My family came to see me dance in the first piece, the Bill T. Jones piece; Spent Days Out Yonder. Unfortunately they weren’t let in because they started the concert early. How unfortunate?! Lucky for my family and all you dance enthusiasts who want to see great dance, SUNY Purchase Dance Company is having an NYC season May 22nd- 25th!

The season will be at New York Live Arts in Chelsea, New York. Click the link to get tickets! Amazingly, the Executive Artistic Director of NYLA is Bill T. Jones himself. As a member of the cast of Spent Days Out Yonder, I’m honored to do this work in his own venue.  NYLA blogged about us and shared quotes about our experience. This quote does a great job of verbalizing how complicated this piece is to perform. We certainly struggled a lot at the beginning with understanding the structure of the piece but, over time, loosened up a bit and really enjoyed the experience!


“What makes this rehearsal process unique is that the piece is not only based on an improvisation by Mr. Jones, but it exists within an improvisational shell.  So, each run is different and a product of our decisions in the moment.  It requires attentiveness to our surroundings and phrasing which brings forth a mental challenge most set pieces don’t deal with constantly.  We are working with the balance between impulses and decisions passed through a rational strainer, which allows for a continual reinvention of our improvised material and of how we fill in the piece.” –Michelle Giordanelli



Purchase Dance Company

PDC Purchase Dance Company

Purchase Dance Company is pleased to present their 2013 Spring Dance Concert! The program includes:

Bill T. Jones/ Arnie Zane Dance Company’s

Spent Days Out Yonder


George Balanchine’s


along with world premiers from choreographers:

Loni Landon,

Claire Porter,

and Ori Flomin

Also featured will be 4 graduating senior dancers’ senior reps. There will be one of these 8-10 minute solos featured per show, so each night will be different!

PDC will be performing April 26-28th at The Pepsico Theater at the Performing Arts Center in Purchase, New York. For ticket information, visit the PAC website.

If you can’t make these shows, Purchase Dance Company is having a second round of performance at New York Live Arts in Chelsea, New York. Lucky you! Performances will be May 22-25th. For ticket information visit Live Art’s website.

Also check out the Village Voice’s Spring Arts Guide in which Purchase Dance Company is featured along with a select group of awesome dance companies as promising up and coming work.

Currently, the PDC dancers are rehearsing like mad; almost every day! Being a part of the creation process (Spent Days Out Yonder) has been very interesting as a young choreographer. Bill’s work is incredibly detailed, and his vision for the piece is visually very striking and interesting. Gestural, yet physical, the work builds up formal movement only to crumble them with visceral, smooth and juicy movement and ideas. Be sure to check out the fruits of their labor. You’ll really enjoy yourself!